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  1. When It Comes to Communication, More Is More

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    November 9, 2017 by atacompass

    In our world of information overload, less is often more. This old adage still applies in the world of communications—think …
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  2. Not Connecting with Consumers? Maybe You’re Not Speaking Their Language


    August 1, 2017 by atacompass

    You may think your company’s products and services speak for themselves, but building a brand beyond borders takes more. If …
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  3. Going International from the Inside Out: Making the Most of Multilingual and Multicultural Staff

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    May 25, 2017 by atacompass

    Last year, a mid-sized manufacturer took their brand international with a multilingual campaign that opened the company to orders from …
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  4. Arriving at the Right Type of Language Professional

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    March 13, 2017 by atacompass

    By Anne Connor Business people don’t have to communicate with extraterrestrials (yet), but they can still learn a few things …
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  5. The Importance of Hiring Qualified Technical Translators


    January 24, 2017 by atacompass

    By Austin Becker and Jacob Andra Occasionally, an enterprise client comes to our firm for post-translation help. The scenario usually …
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  6. To Translate or Not to Translate? 5 tips for knowing when you need professional translation

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    November 28, 2016 by atacompass

    “A little knowledge goes a long way.” That’s what Michael, the owner of a fast-growing company, said to his business …
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  7. Legal Risks in Translations: Hanging On Every (Foreign) Word


    October 5, 2016 by atacompass

    Janel and her business partner Kevin go all in on their wearable-tech startup. They even get foreign patents translated into …
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